My Brand New City Life

by Cannonball Cole

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released April 10, 2014

Vocals: Cannonball Cole, Daniel Topp, Samantha Wyatt, junior say say
Guitars: Cannonball Cole
Bass: junior say say
Fiddle: Lee Benaka
Keys: "Ten Fingers" Hubler
Dobro & Banjo: Cowboy Matt Lochman
Drums: Little Timmy McFarland of Flight 19

Thanks to Little Timmy McFarland for all the work you put in for this: writing, playing, co-producing, and having me in Chicago.

Cover art and packaging by junior say say
Mixing: Cannonball Cole in Washington, DC
Final Mixes and Mastering: Blake Rhein in Bloomington, IN

Note: Charlemagne, NC does not exist. Everything else is true.



all rights reserved


Cannonball Cole Washington, D.C.

Alt-country trio from Washington, DC.

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Track Name: My Brand New City Life
Four alarm fire in the southeast ward
Didn't make no headlines cause them folks are poor
And I saw helicopters flyin' to show it on TV
The noise and the smoke descended like a heavenly jubilee

Next day at the diner, "Say, did you hear the news?"
"Scandal in city council, and a higher tax on booze."
I am a rat without an exit in a circular maze
But I can scurry down the avenues and the darkening alley ways

And I can go 40 on my moped, I'm walkin' miles with these feet
My brand new city life ain't so bad, livin' on the dark side of the street

Chain smokin' on my door step watchin' cars go by
It's Saturday in the city under a stone-gray sky
And Florida Avenue is lovely this time of day
All the pimps and the gangsters are still asleep three blocks away

Well I used to gaze on miles of country
I could see for days, those days are gone!
I never considered myself a hard one, now I got me a knife
I'm a brand new man my mama wouldn't recognize - but that's okay
Track Name: Calls From Susanna
Got a message from my old sweetheart
She said "I been havin' fun now that we're apart
I got a new guy every other day,
Since the Amtrak gave my love away.
And if you ever come around again,
I'm gonna punch your fuckin' teeth on in
I will watch you choke to death on the smile you used to love me with"

"And I bet you like those prissy city girls
To take you in on winter nights up north.
Anyway, I was callin' cause I thought of you.
Goodnight, oh goodnight."

"We used to drive in your old Mustang
Down the coast of Carolina to Charlemagne
The only reason that I liked that car
Was 'cause we could pretend we were movie stars.
I'm sure you're makin' lots of money now -
And runnin' with a whole-new-high-class crowd.
Don't ever tell 'em where you're from, they already think that fuckin' accent's dumb."
Track Name: Fourth Of July
Spend my money on cigarettes when there's nothin' good to eat
On a dreary night alone on 2nd St
Girls in this town talk politics, even when you get 'em drunk
I play along and keep the talkin' up
"You know, the biggest dick in Washington in 55 stories tall.
It's on some grass but they calls it a mall."
Yeah, I can get 'em laughin' about an hour or two,
But most nights end up thinkin' of you

And you might think I'm lonely cause I'm on my own
You might think I'm changed 'cause I'm no one you know
I go to the parties and rock and roll shows
I don't need a friend - I need somewhere to go

July came with the heatwave and on the 4th it broke our hearts
The sun beat down on my apartment in the city
Grandma called, just checkin' in said,
"I hope you visit soon - Virginia just ain't been the same without you.
"And storms flooded out the holler last night and today,
The lord himself has washed it all away.
Sheep and cattle died runnin' for their lives
As you hailed a cab to go see the lights."

Well you might think I'm lonely cause I'm on my own
You might think I'm changed 'cause I'm no one you know
I go to the parties and rock and roll shows
I don't need a friend - I need somewhere to go

I don't need a friend 'til the bars are all closed
It's the 4th of July when this whole town explodes

The sky erupts in color though it's tempered by the smog
In the park by my apartment in the city.
Track Name: Finest Shoes
When you bury me please be sure I am wearing my finest shoes
So I can dance all night in heaven with any girl I choose

Marilyn Monroe will take it slow and I'll save Princess Di the waltz
Amelia Earhart will be the angel she was on Earth
Judy Garland will give me the kisses that I've dreamed about
And I'll close my eyes and swing with her through the crowd

And the last dance I'll always save for my own dear mother
And we'll sweep and sway and enjoy the company of the other
And she'll smile and tell me sweet lies like she used to do
Like "I'm okay, I'm feelin' this way, but I'll never, ever leave you."

And when the night ends a quiet will descend on the room
And we'll all know it's time to go, though it feels so soon
I'll kiss my mom goodnight, it'll be like poetic sorrow
But in heaven it's always Friday night - still got Saturday tomorrow